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McCormick's is the preferred tarp sponsor of the Midwest Color Guard Circuit, and the MWCGC thanks McCormicks for providing the new circuit black tarp, a scholarship, and weekly prizes at shows. Click Here to proceed to their website, or here to view their ad with contact information included. 



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Current News :

NEW: Yearbook and MWCGC Championship Awards Links

Click here for link to submit a free Unit Ad in Yearbook (not required). Due Feb 20

Click here for link to submit Age Out info for Yearbook and Certificates. Due Feb 20

(for 8th graders in a SCDT/ICDT; HS Seniors in a Scholastic Unit; IRA-IA who are 21, IO who are 22)

Click here for Scholarship Application Due Feb 27

Click here for Scholarship Recommendation (3 required including Director) Due Feb 27

Click here for Outstanding Rookie Due Feb 27

Click here for Commander's Medallion Due Feb 27

Click here for Vendor Space at LaPorte HS (MWCGC members no charge; non-members $100) Due March 16

Click here for Championships Practice Space Application

Click here for Championships In-School Housing Application



NOTE:Next Membership Mtg is Sat April 7, 2018, at LaPorte HS ½ hr after last Prelim unit

Click here for Meeting Minutes from Aug 27, 2017

Click here for 2018 Timeline of Key Dates


2018 MWCGC Shows 

Click here for list of shows/dates--> includes Promo scores and prelim unit seeding points

Click here for detailed 2018 Contest Info (will be up about 2 weeks before a show)

2017 scores-recaps can be found just following the 2018 Contest Info.



Click here for How to Check for Restricted Music


Click here for the current Bylaws (last update 08/28/2016)


Contact us at   for a copy of the WGI Rules we follow


Click here for MWCGC Spectator Show Etiquette


Click here to find a link to WGI article on current MWCGC Director of Education, Marie Czapinski



WGI Caption Head Michael Turner/Judges Liaison Kyle Miller led the presentation.

Over 25 Units attended. Thank you Sara Reich and Hersey for hosting.

If you have a clinic or camp you would like to list, please contact Lauren Pardun 

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2017 Information


Circuit Photos: Individual/group professional photos taken at circuit championships by Bateman can be found here

Champs DVD's: Sound Memories Video online link for professional DVD’s from Championships.


Scores and recaps from 2017:  

These can be found just following the 2018 Contest Info link (see above).


Felton Harlan Fund/Support Community: Join the Felton Harlan Memorial Page on Facebook to post messages and read stories about our dearly missed friend, Felton. 



Congratulations to the 12 MWCGC Units who performed at the 2017 WGI Championships!
IO: Independence 


SO: Chesterton & LaPorte (Semi-Finalist)


SA: Andrew; Minooka; Morris; Lockport (Semi-Finalist); Lake Park (Semi-Finalist); Stagg (Semi-Finalist) & Marian Catholic (Finalist)
IA: Shadow & Allegiance (3rd Place Bronze Medalist)



Feel free to email us with questions!








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