Below please find Dan Swallow's 2018 contest calendar and show forms. 

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2018 Invoice Form - 2018 Independent Unit Roster Form - 2018 Scholastic Unit Roster Form (Single School)2018 Scholastic Unit Roster Form (Multiple Schools) - 2018 Spiel Sheet


2018 Contest Sign-Up - 2018 Contest Schedule - 2018 Judging Panels

The 2018 Member Unit Application is now available. Please fill out the Electronic Membership Application form.


Please see below more specific documents for new units: 


   - New Member Welcome

   - New Member Information

   - How to Avoid Restricted Music 

So you've read the New Member information and want to become a MidWest Color Guard Circuit Member??

Here is step-by-step what you need to do:

Step #1 - Link to the Electronic Membership Application. If you have any questions about information asked for on the Membership form, please email or call Jennifer Buzalski or Howie Mogil.


Step #2 - Send your payment to Jennifer Buzalski, Treasurer. as outlined on the electronic form.

Payment of Member Fees: 2017 Member Unit $600 plus a $100 surety bond should be paid to the MidWest Color Guard Circuit per the instructions on the electronic form linked above.


(Your surety bond will be transferred from year to year as long as you're in good standing in the circuit and do not cancel scheduled performances at any shows. If your unit completes all contests during the season that you signed up for but will not be continuing as a member of the Circuit next season, your surety bond will be returned. If at any time your unit cancels a performance that you signed up for, your surety bond will be forfeited to the show host school and you will be required to pay another surety bond before your unit can perform again. Please check the MWCGC By-Laws to see reasons for missing scheduled performances that will NOT forfeit your surety bond.) 

Step #3 -  That's it!


Once Jennifer Buzalski has received your Membership dues, you are now considered a member unit of the Circuit!  You will be asked to complete additional forms and information including show sign-ups and member rosters which can be accessed from our web site.  An insurance certificate is also required for independent units to show proof that the unit is insured.  

For any questions on membership, email Jennifer Buzalski or Will Frankenberger.

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