Michigan State University is seeking a Color Guard Professional to instruct the 36-person Spartan Marching Band (300 members in band) Color Guard for the 2017 fall season. One professional instructor is already "in place" to continue with assigned color guard teaching responsibilities. This new position seeks a team member who will lead the guard program and will be required to design work, implement a “basics and fundamentals program” as already established, work with drill design staff, music staff and directors, and to oversee all nuances of the color program as it fits in the overall structure of the MSU Spartan Marching Band. Extensive work with student leader development is required for the potential successful candidate.


Review of applications can begin immediately. Serious candidates may contact Professor John Madden (), Director of the MSU Spartan Marching Band for details related to timeline, salary, further expectations, and next steps in the search process.


MSU's "State of Art" Winter Guard is a separate ensemble, and is potentially part of this hire if the candidate is interested. Additional responsibilities involve cultivating strong alumni relations with former members of the SMB Color Guard. Candidates must provide a letter of interest, resume, 3 references, and current contact information.


For more information please see attached. 

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