Victor J. Andrew is currently looking for a new color guard director for the 2017 - 2018 season. The color guard director will assist the head band director in all aspects of the auxiliary unit. The individual should feel comfortable preparing exercises, techniques and routines suitable for all skill­ levels of students. The instructor will direct the unit within the Victor J. Andrew  High School Marching Band, as well as the Winterguard program. Specific duties include:



Assist in adjudication of new student  try-outs

Create a growth plan for the future recruitment and retainment  for   the program. [isl  Prepare warm-up routines and technique exercises for the unit.

Be able to choreograph and assist with the visual package for the Marching Band including, but not limited to band choreography and props, etc.

Choreograph, arrange and implement routines and techniques for the current and future growth of the colorguard

Have the ability to blend all skill levels into one successful unit

Establish clear communication between yourself and member's parents and help organize their efforts (fundraising, prop building, etc) in support of the unit

Maintain clear communication and cooperative working relationships with band staff and be able to effectively communicate needs/wants for the unit

Be able to effectively create and manage a budget for the colorguard program

Have a depth of knowledge in design and creativity to field a Winterguard competitive show within both the local and national level


Requirements Include:

Extensive experience as a colorguard director and designer for marching band and/or drum corps.

Extensive experience as a member of colorguards or winterguards.

Must be available  for band  camp,  rehearsals,  football games  and  all contests.


If interested, please contact – Mark Iwinski, Director of Bands. Send resume and letter of interest to



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