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Have a guard-related job opening you are trying to fill? Email us the info, and we'll post it here for three months. After that time, it will be removed. If you still need it filled, simply resubmit and we'll be happy to repost. 


Downers Grove South High School is looking for a Colorguard Technician for the Fall and possibly Winter Seasons. A great attitude, performance experience and the ability to work well with an instructional team are a must.  
Any interested candidates should send an email to Raul Reyes, at .

The Kilties Drum and Bugle Corps is seeking a part-time weapon tech for the spring/summer of the 2016 season. The Kilties compete in the DCI and DCA circuits. This is a weekends-only position, and individual schedule can be worked out, as necessary, with the right individual. This is a perfect position for a young instructor to gain experience or an experienced instructor who does not want or have time to commit to a more demanding schedule. Solid weapon skills are essential. The emphasis of this position is to clean; however, some writing skills may be called upon. If interested, contact Color Guard Caption Head Cheryl Johnson at .




Lockport Township High School is looking for a highly qualified movement/performance technician for the fall 2016 season. The Lockport Township Color Guard is a very successful program that is fielding 50+ performers this fall. The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in movement and a performance history. Teaching experience is also preferred. Any interested candidates should contact




Carl Sandburg Head Color Guard Instructor 

For Summer practices and Competitive Fall Marching Band Season 

Stipend Position

For inquiries on this position, please contact

Greg Gardner - Assistant Principal

Stewart Bailey - Director of Bands

Providence Catholic HS is looking for an individual to work with the guard section for this summer/fall, and possibly winterguard seasons.
The ideal candidate would be able to choreograph and teach the fall show to the students at our camp weeks in June & July, and the full two week band camp at the end of July/beginning of August, as well as other duties as assigned. The level of choreography can be at a basic skills (A-Class) level and should demonstrate a variety of techniques through flag/rifle work, as well as body movement. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. We are looking for someone to work closely with the Director and visual staff. There are also evening rehearsals throughout the fall that are typically on Wednesday evenings from 5:00-9:00pm, as well as weekend contests through October, and possibly with the winterguard season as well. Interested applicants should send a bio/guard resume with prior experience & accomplishments, and several references to Lawrence Rogers, Director of Bands, via email to: .




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