• Educational Resources / Forms

    Discover useful educational materials to make your season run smoother and your team to become the best they can be. MWCGC's Director of Education, Marie Czapinski, is available for consult as part of your membership in a variety of ways:

    1. Each guard will receive an Overview tape from Marie opening weekend
    2. Marie will also critique with the guards who have signed up for opening weekend critique
    3. Every guard within the Circuit can call or e-mail Marie for advice on next steps; interpretation of what the judges are saying; what the scores mean; understanding how the system works and so on.  We are all in a different place as far as our experience and even our program goals.
    4. Members can send Marie a film of your show so she can help you decide priorities for this season and where to focus your efforts, or answer any programming questions you may have.  Or have a different consultant look at it for you!
    5. Marie can help members find on-line tools available to you for free or for purchase to advance your own education and that of your students.

    We want to help you succeed and hope you will take advantage of these educational opportunities.